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McGinty podcast, YES!, LIVE on periscope, played a little of the intro song on periscope, dancing, sexy moves, Prince's death, speculation as to why, The flu?, Drug overdose?, I also heard speculation on The Sam Roberts' show that Prince had aids, If he did have AIDS the flu would do be a problem, I was not a HUGE Prince fan but I do like some Prince songs, Dancing to Erotic city in my younger days, Celebrity deaths, Death of Chyna, Looks like she overdosed, Chyna's emotional issues, X-Pac/ Chyna confrontation on Opie and Jimmy, X-pac told her to get help at that time, Chyna and X - Pac sex tape, Chyna's porno career, I did not find Chyna attractive, I have never seen her porn movies, Her gangbang movie, Sad end, Professional wrestler deaths at an early age, Pain killers and alcohol, Scott Hall and Jake The Snake Roberts substance abuse and recovery, Diamond Dallas Page saved their lives, He is part of the new era of positivity, Vacation, My son if with my wife at take your child to work day, My son promoting my show on facebook and Instagram, White Mountains, I love it up there, Hiking, Funspot the largest arcade in the country, Arcade museum, Very nice vacation, I love that nobody is around in April at the mountains, Obnoxious fucks near where I live, Drunk people, Thanking Jess for doing the intro, It was very professional and good, I'm trying different things, No sound clips this week, I may have different people intro the show each week, Carte Blanche for that, Why am I suggesting all negative things to do?, Celebrity deaths come in threes, Older woman from everybody does Raymond that died, One named celebrity deaths, Last week's show, Rex and Groper, I think Rex and Groper was part of the show where I sang, I can croon a little, I didn't sing The Wombats so well, I was singing with Prince during the intro, Check it out on, I didn't sing well but I had a good time with it, Researching RexandGroper last week, He is an Australian designer, Rexnandgroper banned for one week, Rex and Groper was so bad at trying to insult me, Insulting my curtains, He didn't want any part of my sexual conversations, I thought they were valid questions, I destroyed Rex and Groper, It was like arguing with a child, I am pretty good at that back and forth shit, Bring it!, Talking about looking up the singing show (Which I completely forgot about), Wasting time talking about myself, When I take my break I am going to play Chris Cornell's cover of Sinead O'Connor's nothing compares to you written by Prince, I will end the show with The Time jungle love also written by Prince, Trying to do the Jungle love dance, I don't have enough room right now, No dancing right now, I got some fucking moves, Dancing at Joe's wedding, Joe calling into the show a few weeks ago, I can cut a motherfucking rug, Dancing stone cold sober, when I was younger I was uncomfortable in those social situations, Doing the show and the car accident helping me overcome that, In the past I would get as drunk as possible as quickly as possible because I was uncomfortable, I don't need that shit anymore, New era of positivity, climb on board with me, The positivity train, Still not getting the slideshow videos done, It took me over a week to get the description done, I have my work ahead of me to catch up, My characters like to wish death on me, Playing them wishing death on me last week, I wasn't going to do characters when I started this show, Fuck that shit, I am doing this the way I want and I'm having fun, Not everyone likes what I'm doing, Too sexual, I am going to go through an old show before break and then play Nothing compares to you, Periscope will end soon, Let's see, Another dog sex story, Flash cover your ears, Recapping the other two stories, This guy was looking for dog owners on Craig's list for Dogs to fuck, Periscope freezes, I look like an idiot, Holy fuckaroo, Arianna Grande and her nice eyes being slut shamed by " fan " on facebook, Justin Bieber dissing Prince on Twitter, My entire phone is frozen, Restarting my phone, BYE PERISCOPE!, Exclusive on now, Looking through show 44, I don't remember playing The Velvet Underground for an intro, I am a very expressive fuck, I talk about my feet a lot, Rapist that was supported by the community because he was a sports star, Share my show and videos, This is a grass roots type of fucking show, Birthday party murders, That was a very nice black person impression, Mike McShinty, Yes YES, Some of my little things I do are becoming parodies, Most radio shows suck, Especially music jocks, Stupid 911 calls, McGinty is too loud, Woman that called 911 so that hot cop would come back, Playing with my phone camera on this show, Favorite place to fuck in public, let's see, This is different than the amusement park bit I was thinking of, Sand in the asshole, Funhouse sex, Old couple that died having sex in the hot tub, I remember when I use to do stories instead of rambling for two hours, Woman that pretended to be a man to have sex with her friend, The rapist athlete again, Community that cared more about high school sports than a rape victim, Playing stupid 911 calls bit, Stop yelling, Shut the fuck up!, Listen to that show on, Here's Chris Cornell, I'm going to make pee pee and take my vitamins, Black man kills white female college student, Race never mentioned in the paper, In the same paper race IS mentioned when WHITE officer kills unarmed BLACK males, Hold the media accountable, Media perpetuating the racial divide, Black on white and black on black violence happen FAR more often than white on black violence, The media does not report things properly because they way they are doing things get ratings and sell papers, Caught jizz handed, Sex offender rubbing his penis on women in the Subway, Japanese grope trains, Camera phones help to keep these creeps away, record the guy ladies, Visual evidence, I believe this act is called frottage, This act in porn, It does exist, I don't know how it is legal to put that out there, Sharking, Another thing that came out of Japan, Men disrobing woman against their will, This is presented as real in pornography, I support free speech and anything legal in porn, Things like Sharking need to make it clear that they are not real, It could incite men to do this, The Japanese sharking videos definitely present as real, Conservative group protesting Target for allowing Transgender people to use the bathroom they identify with, Drawing parallels with dumb arguments against drug legalization, Driving under the influence of marijuana, One tends to be more cautious and aware when under the influence of marijuana, regardless committing a crime under the influence has NOTHING to do with legalization, It is still a crime, Accessibility to children if drugs were legal, LESS accessibility if legal, I have never heard a valid argument supporting drug prohibition, Just say no will never work, Colorado is a good example of legalizing drugs properly, I applaud target, A transgender woman does not want to go into the woman's bathroom and helicopter their cock around, I think many people misunderstand that lifestyle, I once did, Why is that the business of anyone other than that individual, Don't give me that you do not want to explain it to your children, Be a parent and explain it, Religion causes a lot of the bigoted hateful behavior, People are afraid to say that, I don't hate religious people, Religions teaching hate, That is far worse than any entertainment or lifestyle choice, I am not afraid to speak out against religion, I was raised catholic, Religion is about fear and control, Jesus as a philosopher had some good ideas, Pedophilia in the Islamic world, Isis waits until girls reach the age of 12 or 12, barbarism, Ricky Gervais speaks out against religion, Bill Maher too, Maher is not a Libertarian as he claims though, He is a liberal, Bernie Sanders alleged to be a atheist, Sanders should be speaking out against religion if that's true, He has the ear of the youth right now, I'm never getting through these fucking stories, saying fuck a lot, Judge kicks breast feeding mother out of court, I support public breast feeding, Married Lebron dming Instagram model, Man raping and killing the service dog, Why did I present such graphic imagery?, Cover your eyes Flash, I support animal rights, I do eat meat, I don't like The cruelty to the animals, I don't like trophy hunting, Trying to show how big ones dick is, People that need to prove how masculine they are are insecure, I like Ellie Goulding and Taylor Swift, I don't need to prove my manhood, Fuck you, I don't need to justify that I am a man, I one is into macho things I have no problem with that, Making sure people know how tough one is how macho makes one a douche bag, I like Dawson's Creek, That was a funny show that dealt with relationship issues, celebrities that were on Dawson's Creek, I like lots of things that Kevin Williamson has done, Costume Characters in Times square restricted, I don't have as big of an issue with going after them because they are grifters, The Desnudas are not, Female public toplessness, The United states hang up with sex and the human body, Men that can't control their own sexual desires, politician that said Men should be allowed to pinch the nipples of breast feeding mother's, Prince one of the reasons for parental advisory stickers, Tipper Gore going after music in the eighties, The will call out music but not religion, Tipper Gore is a liberal, They would rather ban this music all together, Hang up on words, they are just words, The media will show murders and dead bodies but apologize and act like it's the worst thing in the world if a fuck slips through, How I deal with curses with my son, They are just words but society decided they are bad for no reason so don't say them in certain company, people are stupid, I don't care about cursing, people make judgements because of the words one uses, The cursing thing is one of the stupidest things in our society, Michael Strahan leaving Kelly and Michael, He has a much bigger Spongebob space than I do, Kelly Rippa is pissed because she didn't know he was leaving, I guess they didn't get along, Special ed teacher abusing students, Forced masturbation?, John Stossel has lung cancer, Cuba has a lung cancer cure?, Discussing Cuba, Opening trade with Cuba, The Cuban government is not good to their people but neither are many other governments that we do business with, We trade with communist China and Saudi Arabia, Cuban refugees are granted political asylum, illegal immigration, I support legal immigration, There is a human element to consider though, Cuban refugees Vs. Mexican immigrants, I actually agree with Obama on Cuba, Stossel takes a shot at socialized medicine, Canada's disastrous health care system, No choice of care in Canada, It is also a very slow process and limited access to the best drugs, another teacher student sex story, The daily news hate Trump, Trump was supportive of the rights of transgendered individuals to use the bathroom they choose, He may have backtracked, Hump?, I do support Hump, I don't support any of the major party candidates, I am a Gary Johnson supporter, I was a Rand Paul supportive, As divisive as Clinton and Trump are it opens a door for a third party, Johnson getting into the debates would be huge, Small chance for third parties this election, Social Libertarian ideals have advanced, Economically not so much, I would like to see very small government and privatize everything, Give people back the money they earn, I don't want to jump on my soapbox yet, Fuck me for coughing, Mikel advocates fucking me in the ass and making it bleed because I coughed, Doing the Special ed teacher story, That's not funny!, Recording a video, Discouraged by lack of support on youtube, Why would she make this kid masturbate?, Legal speak, Stacking the deck against the poor in the legal system, Focus on that instead of the Oscars, Sipping the soda and coughing, trying to talk with soda in my mouth, I have another soda!, This teacher already had multiple complaints, They should have at the very least taken her away from the special needs students, Giving the student's unprescribed medication, Administration was protecting her, This was all about public relations, This is the old church protecting the priests mentality, Action should have been taken, Most of the children were non-verbal autistics, Autistics are often intelligent but socially awkward, This is the only story I have time for, Bugging?, She was just bugging them,?, I should rephrase, irrevocably I can't say, Mikel says it and insults me, Mikel starts talking about " Bus boners", Getting a boner on the bus as a teen, #busboner, Mikel derailed the story, @mikemcgintyface on twitter, This kid was so afraid to go to school he would try to remove the keys while driving, High pitch voice, deep voice, High pitch voice when doing the show, The teacher is denying the allegations, speaking in tongues, I have five minutes left, I don't have time for another story, I could say fuck some more, Dusty Rhodes, Text from my wife, Responding while I do the show, Looking for an emoji that doesn't make any sense, I'm going to end the show, I didn't do the dog sex story, Sorry Flash, I would like to do the show for four hours five days a week, I will do another stupid awful show next week, Dancing to jungle love to end the show, Flash joins me dancing, Out of breath, I made a video, I don't know if I will put it out or not. 1
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